Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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Longmont Power & Communications (LPC) has been providing reliable electric service to our community for over 100 years, and we are working to deliver that same high level of service to help power electric vehicles (EV). As the EV market grows, we want to make sure you have easy access to charging stations around the City.


  • In partnership with the Regional Air Quality District and Efacec USA, LPC has installed four publicly available charging stations:

    Level 3 “fast charge” station:
    • Longmont Museum - 400 Quail Road

    Level 2 stations:

    • Longmont Service Center - 1100 South Sherman Street
    •  Longmont Downtown Development Authority - 300 East parking lot between 3rd Avenue and 4th Avenue
    • Memorial Building - 700 Longs Peak Avenue

Cost of Charging

  • Level 3 “fast charge” station: $6.00/charge session
  • Level 2 stations: $1.00/hour

Easy Payment System

All of the chargers in Longmont will be networked through EV Connect. Once you’ve downloaded the free EV Connect 2 mobile application and set up an account (, you will be able to manage all of your charging station transactions. You can also call 866-816-PLUG to pay by credit card per EV charge.

Fast Facts About the Longmont Charging Stations

Level 3 charging station

  • Also called DC Fast Charger
  • Delivers up to 400 volts of direct-current
  • Can charge an EV to 80% in about 30 minutes

Level 2 charging stations

  • Designed to “top off” an EV battery
  • Delivers up to 240 volts of alternating-current
  • Provides up to a 7.2 kWh charge in about 1 hour

Plugging Your Business Into Vehicle Charging

The City chargers aren't the only ones in town - a number of Longmont businesses have set up charging stations as well, making the community even more welcoming to electric vehicles. If you'd like your company to do the same, here are a few steps to get started.

  • Who do I call? Whether you want to install just one charging station or an entire bank of them, start by calling the Longmont Planning and Development Services Department at 303-651-8330.
  • How long will it take?
    • If the existing electric service is sufficient and properly situated for the planned station, it could take as little as one to two weeks to get the project reviewed and approved, and the necessary electric infrastructure installed by LPC.
    • If the existing service is not sufficient, it typically takes one to two months for a single charging station. A bank of charging stations for commercial resale may take up to six to eight months, depending on the specific requirements.

Still have questions? Call us at 303-651-8386.

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