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Renewable Power Purchase Program


Longmont 's renewable energy is purchased from Platte River Power Authority, our wholesale electricity provider. Platte River acquires renewable energy from a variety of sources, including wind energy generated at the Spring Canyon Wind Project, owned and operated by Invenergy Wind, LLC. Platte River has a purchased power agreement through 2039.

Program Details

The energy mix from Longmont Power & Communications (LPC) contains 18.7% hydroelectric power and 12% renewable power. But for those customers who want to further support wind energy, LPC offers the Renewable Power Purchase Program at an additional subscription cost. Subscribers must commit to the program for a minimum of 12 months.


100 kWh blocks of energy are available for an additional $3.12 per month.


500 kWh blocks of energy are available for an additional
$15.60 per month.

Want 100% of your energy to come from renewable sources?

For an extra cost of 3.12 cents per kWh, you can source all of your electric usage from renewable energy.

Did you know?

• LPC’s electric rates are among the lowest in Colorado. Even when combined with the cost of a Renewable Power Purchase subscription, rates remain 14% lower than state average.

• Subscribers help support the purchase of renewable energy and renewable energy certificates (REC’s), which account for the environmental benefits found in renewable generation.

Franchise Fee information

We believe that providing great service means providing clear and transparent communication. LPC electric rates and service charges include the 8.64% Franchise Fee paid to the City of  Longmont General Fund. The General Fund covers services typically associated with local government such as Police, Fire, Parks, Recreation, Planning, Code Enforcement, Library, and Economic Development.

Even with the inclusion of the franchise fee, Longmont Power & Communications’ rates are among the lowest in both the state and the nation. For individuals wanting to compare LPC rates with other utilities or associations, we will be glad to help you get the most accurate comparison.
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