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Longmont Power & Communications is proud to be part of the Longmont Area Comprehensive Plan. Our projects follow strategies established by Envision Longmont, supporting continued growth and the bright future of our community. To learn more about the full plan, visit


Longmont Power & Communications is YOUR utility: owned by the City and citizens of Longmont. Daily, we work to improve the community by providing not only reliable electric and broadband service, but by helping to create:


  • A Brighter Community: At a value of over $930,000 a year, LPC illuminates the city, including streetlights, porch and pedestal lights, traffic lights, and lights for the pathways in Longmont’s parks. We do this to enhance the safety and visibility of our city’s neighborhoods and public streets.

  • A Beautiful Community: LPC contributes annually to Art in Public Places, roughly $131,000  last year; annually we also give $23,000 to plant trees around our community and nearly $16,000 for an arborist to care for them.

  • A Fun Community: Annually, LPC provides approximately $55,000 to support festivals, activities, and special events, including community standbys such as the Festival on Main, Rhythm on the River, and the Sunrise Stampede. These not only provide a good time, but often help other non-profit activities in the community, such as student scholarships and local community foundations.

  • A Connected Community: LPC provides WiFi in city parks and at special events at a value of nearly $10,000, and provides a further $2,500 to support the city’s Digital Divide program, connecting those who otherwise would have no access to the Internet at all.

  • A Thriving Community: Each year, LPC provides $121,000 in funding to the Longmont Economic Development Partners and $3,000 in dues to the Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce. A further $15,000 in contributions from the Platte River Power Authority – LPC’s wholesale power provider, jointly owned by Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins, and Estes Park – helps support the Longmont EDP, the OUR Center, and youth programs.

  • A Prosperous Community: Longmont residents and businesses save about $26.2 million a year from LPC’s low electric rates, compared to the average Colorado community.

  • A Supported Community: LPC supports the City’s general fund with an 8% electric franchise fee, currently equating to  $5.2 million annually. In addition, general fund-supported facilities only pay wholesale power costs, which saves the City budget another $255,000 annually.



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