Residential Street Lighting

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Longmont Power & Communications (LPC) is working to make streets safer and make the community a nicer place to live by upgrading street lighting throughout some residential areas in Longmont. The process, however, starts when a resident contacts LPC.

Residents living in neighborhoods that rely on porch lights as the source of lighting for the street can take the first step by requesting that LPC add their street to the Residential Street Lighting program. Each street in the program will be considered for lighting on a first-come, first-served basis.

LPC will hold a neighborhood meeting for residents along your street to learn more about the program. Then everyone along the street will have the opportunity to vote whether the lighting will be installed or not. Residents make the final decision.

While LPC will make every effort to enhance safety and improve the community, the first step begins when residents make a request to have their street become a part of the Residential Street Lighting program. For more information, email LPC at or call at (303) 651-8386.



What's the difference between a pedestal light and a street light?

Pedestal lights are located at the front of many residential properties throughout Longmont and house the electric meter. Street lights are mounted on much taller poles, are located about every fourth house or business and provide general lighting along residential and commercial streets.

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