Safety Demonstrations

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Live Line Safety Demonstrations

livelinecroppedWhy can a bird perch on a power line without being electrocuted? Can electricity travel through tree branches? Is it dangerous to hold the string when a kite gets caught in power lines? What should you do when there is a "live" electric line on the ground?

These questions and many others are answered in LPC's "Live Line" safety demonstration of how electricity works and common hazards to avoid. "Live Line" includes electrical safety information materials and is designed for audiences from 12 years old to adult.

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Electrical accidents can be prevented through knowledge and awareness. When it comes to electricity, it's better to take one too many precautions than one too few.

Demonstrations are generally available Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm. LPC will come to your location, or you can come to LPC. Your group must be a part of LPC's service area. Call 303-651-8386 or email for more information.

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