How to Read Your Bill

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Below is an example of a NextLight bill. Descriptions of each part of the bill are below the image. 


1. Date Payment is Due

2. Phone Charges


E911 helps cover the cost of providing 911 service. This fee is transferred to the 911 provider.

Telephone Occupancy Tax is a tax that is customary for nearly all Colorado cities. For Longmont, this municipal tax is transferred to the city's general fund.  

3. Broadband Charges (with Charter Membership discount shown)


Internet 1/1 Gig (7xx ONLY) will appear on a bill with gigabit Internet that is connected with the free ONT fiber modem. The example bill above has this type of ONT.  

Internet 1/1 gig (844 ONLY) will appear on a bill with gigabit Internet service that is connected with a leased ONT fiber modem that has a built-in wireless capability. To learn more about our wireless-enabled ONT modems, click here.

The above bill also shows a Charter Member discount. This discount reduces the standard $69.95/month charge by $20.00 to reach a $49.95/month discounted rate. You can qualify for the Charter Membership program by signing up for NextLight service within 90 days of being notified of service availability to your home. To learn more about the NextLight Charter Membership, please call 303-651-8386. 

If you've missed the window to sign up for the Charter Membership, you can sign up for our Loyalty Program. Members of this program will pay the standard $69.95/month for our symmetrical gig service for 12 months, after which time we will drop the monthly fee to $59.95/month. For more information call us at (303) 651-8386 or send us an email at 

4. Amount Due by the Payment Due Date

5. Customer Account Number

Still have questions about your bill? Please call our customer service representatives at (303) 651-8386 for more information.


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