Returning Your ONT

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If you’ve ended your home's NextLight service for any reason, you’ll need to return your ONT to us.The ONT is the black “fiber modem” we provided  when we first connected you. This will be either:

wall mount copy




A unit mounted to your wall. If you have a wall-mounted unit, call us at 303.651.8386 and we’ll make an appointment to remove it.


NextLight ONT


 A desktop unit without a built-in wireless router and power supply cord. 








A desktop unit with a built-in wireless router.






 A smaller desktop unit without a built-in wireless router.





If you do not have one of the desktop units shown, please call us at 303-651-8386 to make arrangements for removing your ONT.  If you have one of the desktop units, returning it is simple:




1) Find the wall plate that your ONT is plugged into. This will be a white plastic box screwed into the wall, with a small hatch at the bottom that the plug leads into.







2) To open the hatch, press the front of it with your thumb (near the white triangle) while simultaneously lifting the hatch from the bottom with your finger.





3) Inside the wall plate, you will now see the socket that your fiber conduit is plugged into.Pinch the sides of the plug head and pull down to remove it. Do not tug on the cord to unplug the ONT as this may damage the equipment. There may be a small amount of resistance as you remove the plug from the wall plate.






4) Make sure to leave the other end plugged into the ONT.







5)  Gently wrap the cord around the ONT as many times as you can.







6) When you are done, tuck the loose end into the wound-up cord. Your ONT is now ready to be returned.


NextLight ONT


7) In addition, if you have Digital Voice phone service, you will also need to return your battery backup power supply.”




Please return to:

The front desk of the Longmont Service Center, 1100 S. Sherman Street.

Need help?

If you’re experiencing any difficulties in removing or returning the ONT, or if the unit becomes damaged, please call us at (303) 651-8386 for assistance.

Fees for non-returned ONTs:

Residential customers who do not return their ONT after ending service will typically be charged between $110 and $300, depending on the unit, along with additional charges for any battery backups, cords, or other auxiliary equipment. These charges are based on replacement costs and will be updated periodically.

Thank you for being one of our NextLight customers! We hope to see you again.

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