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NextLight Maintenance and Planned Outages

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NextLightTM has been designed and built to a high standard of reliability. But even the best systems need periodic maintenance to keep them sharp. Sometimes, that maintenance requires a temporary outage, interrupting the network momentarily so that we can improve service for everyone.

We don't do this lightly. Longmont Power & Communications has a long history of dependable electrical service and we work to provide the same experience with NextLight. Our network uptime is in excess of 99.999% and our customers have repeatedly rated the network’s performance highly, both in our local surveys and in larger-scale online forums such as the Ookla Speedtest ratings.

A planned outage is only performed when absolutely necessary, and only after reviewing what the impact will be if the work is done or not done, how long the outage will last, and when we can best schedule it (typically in the very early morning) to minimize the effect on our customers.

We will directly contact affected customers when possible. If the number of customers involved makes that unmanageable, we will post the scheduled outage above. If you have questions about one of these instances or any other aspect of your NextLight service, please call us at (303) 651-8386.


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