Connections by Shane Evans

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Close up of Connections sculptureShane Evans is an artist in mechanism. Polished chrome and rusted steel are his media. His newest installation Connections will be on exhibit at the Longmont Museum from May 24 to September 14. Gears, some as much as three feet across, mesh with ones no more than one inch wide in an interconnected sculpture that spans from floor to ceiling, and across 24 feet of the Portal Gallery’s main wall. Watch carefully, and you will see the entire work slowly move.

Connections is just one of the pieces that Evans has been working on. He’s also creating a 30-foot fire-breathing articulated robot for the Burning Man festival in Nevada. What do his giant creations mean? Are they symbols of connection or a statement on the mechanization of our world? He leaves that to you, the viewer, to decide.

The Portal Gallery at the Longmont Museum is dedicated to site specific, large scale work created by regional artists.

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