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How People Make Things

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May 21 - August 28, 2016

Exhibition Admission
$8 adults, $5 students/seniors (62+), free for members and ages 3 and under. The second Saturday of each month is a free day.

How people make things


Every object in our world has a story of how it is made. How People Make Things, a new exhibit opening at the Longmont Museum, tells that story by linking familiar childhood objects to a process of manufacturing that combines people, ideas and technology.

How People Make Things, inspired by the factory tour segments from the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood television series, offers hands-on activities using real factory tools and machines to create objects with four manufacturing processes - molding, cutting, deforming and assembly. Many common manufactured products help tell the story of how people, ideas and technology transform raw materials into finished products.

Visitors can use a die cutter to make a box and a horse, operate a 3-axis mill to carve a block of wax, assemble parts of a real golf cart and race a robotic arm to see who assembles a replica of the signature trolley from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood faster.

Step into the Main Office, where you can don coveralls, lab coats, aprons, safety glasses, and hard hats to become a factory technician, worker or supervisor. Mold pourable wax, explore vacuum forming and injection molding and match products to the mold from which they were made. Or play the “People in Your Neighborhood" matching game, where audio clues and stories help you match the person to the object they make.

“This exhibit brings children close to the real stuff, the nuts and bolts of how products are manufactured, which is very easy to feel removed from these days,” said Wes Jessup, Director of the Longmont Museum. “When kids operate the 3-axis mill and the die cutter, issues of design, engineering and function in everyday items become very real. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!”

The factory tour videos from the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood television series featured in the exhibit depict the making of crayons, carousel horses, balls, stop lights, quarters, shoes, toy cars and toy wagons.

Everyday products featured in How People Make Things include 10,000 Crayola crayons in 90 colors, 10,000 plastic pellets, 300 ice cream cups, stop lights, cooking pans, sneakers, baseball bats, baseball mitts and matchbox cars.


How People Make Things was created by Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh in collaboration with Family Communications, Inc. (FCI), the producer of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, and the University of Pittsburgh Center for Learning in Out-of-School Environments (UPCLOSE). The exhibit was made possible with support from the National Science Foundation and The Grable Foundation.

Thanks to the following local Longmont manufacturers for being part of this exhibition:
Avedon Engineering
Custom Microwave
Left Hand Brewing
Vapor Technology
Woodley's Fine Furniture
WP Manufacturing


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