Swan Atrium

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 Terry Maker

Terry Maker's Magic Marks

February 2 - September 23, free admission

Colorado Artist Terry Maker has long been intrigued by art that reveals the marks made by the artist at work. Her piece, titled Magic Marks, is constructed of pencils, erasers, and markers embedded in pigmented resin, with all the media laid bare. Although abstract in nature, the swirling configuration of circular forms suggests fluid energy and movement.

In her art making process, Terry uses a combination of alternative and traditional materials to create mixed-media pieces that are subsequently cut, scraped, and manipulated to reveal the “guts” of the matter. With this approach, the viewer is invited to further investigate and appreciate the activity of looking, while taking in the immensity of the larger works’ overall aesthetic.

Terry’s conceptual approach, anchored in formalism, is an exploration, employing and repurposing a wide range of materials. These physical elements of our daily lives stand as reflections of our shared human journey and our diverse histories. 

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