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Robots Rising, Hands-on Family Exhibition, Opens May 9 at Longmont Museum

Robots Rising

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Blue tin robotMay 9, 2015 - January 3, 2016

Robots Rising is the Longmont Museum's newest hands-on exhibit. Kids and adults will have fun discovering what makes a robot work, discover robots in pop culture, and drive a rover robot through a simulated disaster scene.

Exhibition admission: $8 adults, $5 students/seniors (62+), free for ages 3 and under
The second Saturday of each month is a free day.

Exhibit elements include:

Six-Foot Tall Animatronic Robot
Did you ever wonder what is inside an animatronic robot like you see at major amusement parks? See the "guts" and "skeleton" of a robot, make it move, and watch it dance!

Robotic Rover
Use a real robotic rover to drive over and through a disaster scene at the Museum. Watch out for flames and arcing lights as you race to find the hot spots!

Three children and the robotic armRobotic Arm
Salvaged from NASA, this high-tech robotic arm can turn in three different ways. Challenge your friends -- who can stack blocks with the robotic arm the fastest?

Musical Colors
Can colors make music? With the aid of some cool technology, absolutely! Our Musical Colors robot translates color into sound. Build a row of blocks to play a tune.


Sensor Conductor Room
This room is a full sensory experience!  Dance on the floor to light up the room!  Play a stringless "harp" made of electric eyes, wave your hands over a theremin to make spooky sounds, and more!

Toddler Area
A separate area with fun activities designed especially for children ages four and younger

Drive a Virtual Robot
Do you have what it takes to reach the goal?  Program your virtual robot, then stand back and watch it follow your instructions.

Match robot to sound
Time to test your wits on movie robots!  What sound does R2-D2 make?  Can you tell the difference between the evil HAL and the evil Terminator?

Robot Talking Head

Talk with a robot in English or Spanish, and see its eyes and mouth move!

And much more!


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