Parking Volunteer Patrol

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What does PEP stand for?

Parking Enforcement Patrol

What do our volunteers do?

The primary purpose of Longmont’s volunteer Parking Enforcement Patrol (PEP) is to educate the public about disability parking laws and to ensure that disabled parking spaces are available for our disabled residents and visitors when they need them.

Our volunteers go out in teams of two, (never solo) to primarily monitor disability parking violations that take place all over the City of Longmont.  Tickets are issued when a violation is witnessed.  Presently, our PEP team is able to issue parking tickets for any parking violations that are seen while on patrol.  These include: expired plates, fire lane & hydrants violations, and various other citations.  Volunteers provide their own transportation and receive reimbursement.

In addition, volunteers receive thorough training on applicable laws, how to educate the public on those laws, and how to issue citations. New volunteers are matched with an experienced volunteer for extensive on-the-job training.

Our volunteers find this to be one of the most rewarding experiences they have ever participated in, and many have been with the patrol for more than five years.

Why is it important?

The PEP program sends a message to the residents in Longmont, and those visiting the community.  It is unacceptable to abuse reserved accessible parking spaces for any reason whatsoever.  Our group is passionate about what they do, and understand the reasoning behind it.  We are protecting the spaces for those individuals that NEED the spaces that have current, valid disability registration and placards.

Before becoming a volunteer, a few clerical items are required:

  • Background check
  • Valid driver's license and vehicle to use while on patrol. (Mileage is accounted for and reimbursed at .50 per mile)
  • Monthly meetings are hosted on the third Wednesday of every month at the Civic Center, and regular attendance is required.  We have guest speakers, discuss any issues at hand, and address any questions or concerns from the group.

Parking Enforcement Patrol wants you!

For more information contact a Parking Enforcement Officer:

Barb Ratner, 303-651-8658 or
Mike Saylor, 303-774-4724 or


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