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Classification of Parks

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Parks, Open Space & Trails

Find more information about each park listed below in our Directory of Parks. You can also view a map of parks by utilizing the City Facility Map and filtering by the category "Parks." Find additional maps (including trails) and an amenities chart on our Park Plans, Maps, and Reports webpage.

The City of Longmont park system consists of:

(25) Neighborhood Parks

totaling 194 acres - Neighborhood Parks provide close-to-home recreation activities with playgrounds, playing fields, sport courts, shelters, dog off-leash areas and small wheels parks.

  • Affolter Park, 1400 Holly Ave
  • Alta Park, 1010 Alta St
  • Athletic Field Park,1050 Kimbark St
  • Blue Skies Park, 1520 Mountain Dr.
  • Carr Park, 1301 21st Avenue
  • Collyer Park, 600 Collyer Street
  • Dawson Park, 1757 Harvard St
  • Flanders Park, 2115 North Shore Dr
  • Hover Acres Park, 1361 Charles Dr
  • Kanemoto Park, 1151 S. S. Pratt Parkway
  • Kensington Park, 100 E. Longs Peak Ave
  • Lanyon Park, 1900 Collyer St
  • Left Hand Creek Park, 1800 Creekside Dr
  • Loomiller Park, 1700 11th Ave
  • Pratt Park, 1600 Ithaca Ct
  • Price Park, 1900 Longs Peak Avenue
  • Raber Park, 1701 24th Avenue
  • Rothrock Dell Park, 700 E. 5th Ave
  • Rough & Ready Park, 301 E. 21st Ave
  • Spangler Park, 200 Mountain View Ave
  • Stephen Day Park, 1340 Deerwood Dr
  • Sunset Park, 1900 Longs Peak Ave
  • Thompson Park, 420 Bross St
  • Valley Park, 28 Troxell Ave
  • Willow Farm Park, 901 S. Fordham St

(6) Community Parks

totaling 259 acres - Community Parks serve the larger community and provide space for athletic complexes and major recreation facilities such as pools and recreation centers.

  • Clark Centennial Park, 1100 Lashley St
  • Dry Creek Park, 1251 Grandview Meadows
  • Garden Acres Park, 2058 Spencer St
  • Quail Campus, 310 Quail Rd.
  • Roosevelt Park, 700 Longs Peak Ave
  • Sandstone Ranch, 3001 E. Hwy. 119 (east entry), 2525 E. Hwy. 119 (west entry)

(8) Nature Areas

totaling 1,499 acres - Nature Areas provide access to and enjoyment of important natural, historic and cultural resources and allow for limited recreational uses that fit the unique natural characteristics by promoting low impact, passive outdoor recreational opportunities.

  • Golden Ponds, 651 3rd Ave. & Hover St.
  • Izaak Walton, 18 S. Sunset St
  • Jim Hamm, 1701 E. CR1
  • McCall Lake, Hwy. 66, W. of Longmont
  • McIntosh Lake, Northwest Longmont
  • Roger's Grove, 220 Hover Road
  • Sandstone Ranch, 3001 E. Hwy. 119
  • Union Reservoir, 0461 WCR #26

(2) Dog Parks

totaling 10 acres - Dog off-leash areas also exist at Blue Skies, Rough & Ready and Stephen Day Parks as well as a dog beach at Union Reservoir, however these two dog parks represent properties utilized solely as dog parks.

  • Dog Park #1, 1505 21st Ave
  • Dog Park #2, Airport Rd. & St. Vrain Rd.

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