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Parks, Open Space & Trails


Become a POST Volunteer

Find out about one-time and ongoing volunteer events, as well as free educational opportunities/talks through our JoinUs volunteer portal.

Ongoing Programs

Find out more about these ongoing volunteer programs.

Help maintain and clean a park or greenway of your choice.
Adopt-a-Rose Garden
Assist with the upkeep of the Memorial Rose garden in Roosevelt Park.
Button Rock Preserve
Take part in caring for this natural watershed.
Clean Up, Green Up

Help keep Longmont's open spaces and natural areas trash free by participating in volunteer led clean-up events throughout the year.

Take photographs of City Open Spaces and volunteers at work.
Raptor Monitoring Keep an eye on the health of birds of prey in Longmont. 
Restoration Crew
Join the fight to restore damaged and degraded public lands.
Sandstone Ranch Visitor Center
Volunteers are needed to staff the Visitor Center during limited hours.
Volunteer - General
Help make a difference by volunteering for one-time events.
Volunteer - Leader
Volunteer with ongoing volunteers as a Lead Volunteer.

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