Spring Gulch #2 Greenway

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Spring Gulch #2 Greenway underpass completed
Spring Gulch #2 Greenway underpass closeup


The Spring Gulch #2 Greenway project addresses drainage, open space and transportation issues by designing and constructing a greenway trail connection and drainage improvements along Spring Gulch #2. Once all three phases are complete, this greenway trail will run from Stephen Day Park (west of County Line Road) southeast to Union Reservoir, continuing on to Sandstone Ranch Nature Area and connecting with the St. Vrain Greenway.

Project Phases

Spring Gulch #2 Greenway overview map

The Spring Gulch #2 Greenway project has been divided into three phases.

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Phase 1: Highway 119 Underpass/Culvert

Phase 1 of the project, constructed in 2013, is complete. This phase included construction of a sidewalk along the north side of State Highway 119 (SH-119) extending from its intersection with 3rd Avenue east to Spring Gulch #2. Box culverts for the Spring Gulch #2 drainage and a pedestrian underpass were also constructed under SH-119. This underpass and culvert system improved drainage to safely pass 100-year storm flows under SH-119 and create a grade-separated pedestrian crossing.

Phase 2: Stephen Day Park to Union Reservoir

Phase 2 will include construction of the greenway trail and drainage improvements from Stephen Day Park southeast to the Union Reservoir Nature Area (at Weld County Road 26). This work will include another box culvert system consisting of a pedestrian underpass and Spring Gulch #2 drainage culverts running under County Line Road. 

This phase of the project is anticipated to begin in spring 2019 and continue for approximately 15 months. The underpass and drainage work will be completed in conjunction with road widening and pedestrian connection work planned for County Line Road.

View a PDF map showing a closer view of the Phase 2 work area >

Phase 3: Union Reservoir to Highway 119

Phase 3 will connect the greenway trail segments of Phase 1 and Phase 2 between Union Reservoir and SH-119. It will also include drainage improvements through this area and installation of a pedestrian underpass under the Great Western Railroad.

Phase 3 is currently anticipated for construction in 2021.

View a PDF map showing a closer view of the Phase 3 work area >


The Spring Gulch #2 Greenway project was put on hold after the 2013 flood, and design changes were made to help better protect people, property and infrastructure from increased flood risk.

  • Phase 2 (from Stephen Day Park to Union Reservoir) construction is anticipated to begin in spring 2019 and last approximately 15 months. This phase will be completed in conjunction with construction on the County Line Road Improvements project
  • Phase 3 (from Union Reservoir to SH-119) construction is anticipated for 2021

An open house to share design plans and answer questions about County Line Road Improvements and Spring Gulch #2 Greenway Phase 2 was held on March 20. Nearby residents received invitations to the open house.

A second public meeting to share information about the projects was held on April 25.

Project Cost

Cost for Phase 2 of the Spring Gulch #2 Greenway project is anticipated to be approximately $7.5 million, funded primarily through the City’s Open Space fund and a variety of other City funds.


Project Manager Ellen Hilbig

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