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How will residents turn left onto County Line Road with the intersection improvements at Rustic Drive and Sunshine Avenue?
Will there be a traffic signal at 17th Avenue and County Line Road?
Can the City lower the speed limit on 17th Avenue to the east of Moonlight Drive from 45 mph to 40 mph?
What can be done to prevent speeding along County Line Road since portions are owned by both the City of Longmont and Weld County?
Has the City looked at measures to reduce the potential for increased traffic noise between 9th and 17th with the County Line Road improvements?
How is the City able to manage the portion of the Spring Gulch #2 project that is in Weld County?
Can the property south of the Eastgate development be rezoned? What is the development potential for the currently designated open space property south of the Eastgate Development?
Why Cottonwood trees along Spring Gulch #2 Greenway?
Are there Evergreen species included for the landscaping along Spring Gulch #2?
Do the landscaping plans include planting Milkweed along the disturbed areas near the existing detention pond located near Shadow Grass Park apartments?
Will the existing barbed wire fence along the southern boundary of the Eastgate development be removed as part of the Spring Gulch #2 project?
After the project will Spring Gulch #2 require dredging maintenance?

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