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Wertman Neighborhood Park

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Wertman Neighborhood Park is an almost 9-acre park parcel located in southeast Longmont south of the Blue Vista subdivision and north of Quebec Ave. It is the oldest neighborhood in Longmont that does not currently have a park within one-half mile.

Neighborhood parks typically include a parking lot, a restroom, shelters, playgrounds and open turf areas. That being said, there are always unique opportunities for each park site, so we are open to public ideas on what should be included in the park.

Wertman Neighborhood Park Master Plan

Scheduled timeline

Construction is set to begin in the spring of 2020 and wrap up in early 2021.

Preferred Park Concept

After working with residents through a series of public meetings and an online survey, the preferred park concept has been unveiled. The images below show a closeup view the of the preferred park and an overall view with location details.

Enlarged v2 Wertman Park_Preferred Concept

Wertman Park_Preferred Concept-01

Name Selection

The "Wertman" Neighborhood Park name is a working name. City Council will make the final decision on the name after seeing the submitted ideas through an online survey (now closed).

Public Involvement Process

Public Survey on Park Concepts

A survey was conducted in late February 2019 to collect public feedback on the three different concepts proposed for Wertman Neighborhood Park. That survey is now closed.

Public Meetings

A series of 2019 public meetings were held at Burlington Elementary School to solicit public input and develop a master plan for the Wertman Neighborhood Park. At these meetings, City employees discussed how residents envision this park and concept planning. They then presented a draft master plan and opened the room up for public comments.


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