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FAQs - Parks, Open Space and Trails

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  • Parks, Open Space and Trails

    • How do I donate or volunteer with Parks, Open Space, and Trails?

    • How do I report a dead animal/bird found in a City park or open space?

    • How do I report vandalism in parks?

    • How do I reserve a park shelter?

    • Is metal detecting allowed in the City's parks?

    • Is swimming allowed in City parks?

    • It's raining. Why are sprinklers on at City properties?

    • What can I do about a greenway that needs maintenance?

    • When are City of Longmont parks open?

    • When is the water turned on at the various Parks water features?

    • Where do I find Union Reservoir camping and boat information?

    • Why do park restrooms close in the winter?

    • Why doesn't the City clear snow/ice from its gravel/dirt trails?

  • Resilient St. Vrain Project

    • How long will Resilient St. Vrain construction take?

    • How much will Resilient St. Vrain cost? Who is paying for the project?

    • How will work progress along the St. Vrain Creek?

    • St. Vrain Creek or St. Vrain River: Which is correct?

    • What is Resilient St. Vrain?

    • What is the status of construction on Resilient St. Vrain?

    • What species are being planted as part of the Resilient St. Vrain Project?

    • Why is Resilient St. Vrain being designed to meet 100-year flood flows?

    • Why is the City working on the St. Vrain Creek?

  • St. Vrain Creek Recreational Activities

    • Can I boat, float or swim in St. Vrain Creek?

    • How long is the float course along the St. Vrain?

    • Is there a fee for using the float course at Dickens Farm Nature Area?

    • Where can I park while accessing the float course along the St. Vrain?

  • Weed & Pest Management

    • Are pesticides hazardous?

    • Are weeds regulated in Longmont?

    • Does the City have a Pollinator Plan or Policy?

    • Does the City have a weed management plan?

    • How can I discover where Longmont is spraying pesticides?

    • How do you really know pesticides are not hazardous?

    • How does pesticide use in a City compare to agricultural or other commercial types of pesticide application?

    • What about glyphosate uses in Longmont?

    • What about pesticides that impact pollinators?

    • What is a weed and why do we control weeds in Longmont?

    • What pesticides are used in Longmont?

    • Why are pesticides used by City of Longmont?

    • Why does Longmont eliminate some weeds that are not considered noxious?

    • Why doesn't the City spray for all dandelions?

    • Why use pesticides to control weeds when other methods are available?

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