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St. Vrain Greenway - Western Extension

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stvrain2Project Overview

This phase of work is planned to extend the St Vrain Greenway trail west to the limits of Longmont's planning area. In conjunction with Boulder County, the trail will concurrently extend further west to Pella Crossing in the town of Hygiene. The new trail route will add more than two miles of trail to the system, and connect to an additional 3.1 miles of trail at Pella Crossing!

The St. Vrain Greenway Regional Trail will ultimately provide a connection between the City of Longmont and the Town of Lyons through the diverse agricultural and natural landscape of the St. Vrain River valley. In 2004, the St Vrain Trail Master Plan was adopted. The plan was the product of a collaborative effort between the Boulder County Parks and Open Space staff, City of Longmont staff, consultant staff, key stakeholders, and local residents.


What's New?

  • This project is now deferred because of the September 2013 flood.
  • Funding for St. Vrain Greenway Phase 12 design and construction has been reallocated to St. Vrain Greenway trail flood repair. Project funding will be restored at a date as yet to be determined. For information on the flood repair projects, link here


Project Schedule

Land Negotiations


Open House

December 10, 2012, 5 to 7 pm complete!






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