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Parks, Open Space and Trails


Longmont is a great place for wildlife because its located where the prairies merge with the mountains. A remarkably rich diversity of wildlife can be seen here.


We are currently updating our Wildlife Management Plan and would like your input. See more information about upcoming public meetings and the process of updating this document.

Our Role

We work towards the conservation of wildlife resources on open space in a practical and responsible manner. We also manage public lands in response to the effects of urbanization, fragmentation, and increased recreation, and address wildlife conflicts in response to agriculture needs and neighboring property owners. We also:

  • Conduct surveys to understand the wildlife resources that exist on Open Space lands and incorporate the information in management and project planning.
  • Work cooperatively with other programs and wildlife agencies to manage, plan and create healthy wildlife habitat.
  • Develop public educational programs about wildlife resources and help increase public participation.

Review the City of Longmont's Wildlife Management Plan for more information. wildlife

Tech Tools

The City of Longmont has several wildlife cameras located on various Open Space properties. These cameras help to show us what is going on when nobody is around and what kinds of wildlife may be utilizing a property. We prefer to not disclose the camera locations to keep curious humans from disrupting wildlife.

We also use the cameras to monitor properties that are not open to the public or areas around sensitive resources like raptor nests to see if people are entering the areas. What we see with the cameras tells us if we need to increase signage or ranger patrols to help protect the area.
Images captured also help reinforce that humans are not the only ones utilizing our trails, open spaces and parks. We may not realize it, but we are surrounded by wildlife, even in urban areas.

View images captured by our cameras - COMING SOON!

Get Involved

If you are interested in wildlife and its habitat in Longmont, we have several volunteer opportunities that allow you to learn more while lending a hand. Please explore the options on our Volunteer webpage. And, if you're especially fond of fish, consider becoming a volunteer fishing host as part of the Chick Clark Kid's Fishing Program at Izaak Walton Pond.

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