Project Overview

An update to the City’s Land Development Code (LDC) is underway! The LDC governs development within the city and regulates things like how a property can be divided, what types of uses can go where and numerous other items important to site development and redevelopment like building placement and size, parking, open space and lighting, among other things. The last major update to the LDC was in 2001. 

Several goals for the LDC update have been identified. Some of the high level goals include:

• Implementing the recently adopted Envision Longmont Multimodal and Comprehensive Plan and other city plans and policies
• Creating opportunities for innovative and high-quality development
• Ensuring consistency with current land use trends 
• Creating a user friendly format
• Allowing flexibility while developing a predictable process
• Protecting stable neighborhoods

An Assessment Memo was prepared to review the existing code and provide suggestions for improvements. The full assessment and associated recommendations can be viewed in the Public Draft of the Assessment Memo

Based on the recommendations from the Assessment Memo, several sections of the LDC are proposed to be update. To view the full list of topics to be updated and associated draft documents, see the Code Update Topics page. 

This project is anticipated to run through spring of 2018. See the Project Schedule page for additional details and information on dates and notice of upcoming meetings. 

Questions and comments can be directed to the Planning & Development Services Department. You can complete our on-line form or contact us at 303-651-8330 or [email protected]


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