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Zoning Districts and Use Regulations

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Zoning Districts 

The zoning district portion of the Land Development Code (LDC) identifies specific zones that correspond to the Envision Longmont land use categories. Because land use categories changed with Envision Longmont, there are substantial changes to the lineup of zoning districts within the adopted LDC.The adopted LDC includes several residential districts, mixed-use districts, nonresidential districts, overlay districts and a Planned Unit Development district.

This lineup of districts will accommodate the demand for more mixed-use development. It will allow more flexibility through zoning for creative and innovative development, while developing standards to protect existing stable neighborhoods.

The zoning districts section of the code also includes information on dimensional standards such as lot size, building setbacks, and building height.

Use Regulations

The use regulation section of the adopted LDC contains standards related to what uses are permitted in specific zoning districts. The table of allowed uses has been revised substantially and includes:

  • Residential uses
  • Public, Institutional, and Civic Uses
  • Commercial Uses
  • Industrial Uses
  • Public and Semi-Public Utility Uses
  • Accessory Uses and Structures

In addition to the table, there are additional use-specific standards for certain uses within the table. These standards address items such as locational criteria, required screening, and the overall area within a zoning district that a specific use should be limited to, among other things.

The adopted zoning districts and use regulations is available on-line. 

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