Code Update Topics

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Numerous topics were updated as part of the Land Development Code Update. All of the draft code sections and zoning map were reviewed with the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council. The adopted code is available by visiting the links below.

Other topics will also be addressed with future updates. For more information visit the Future Code Amendments and Discussion Topics page.

New updates to the Land Development Code

Additional updates have been made to the Chapter 15 - Land Development in the Longmont Municipal Code.  If you have a printed a copy of the Land Development Code, these updates will replace the information currently in code.  If you have questions about any updates, please contact Planning & Development Services at 303-651-8330. View new updates to the code by clicking the links below.   The full version of the Longmont Municipal Code can be viewed here.

August 2019 Updates 

July 2019 Updates

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