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Short Term Rentals

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The City of Longmont requires an annual permit and inspections for short term rentals to ensure that rentals comply with building occupancy and life safety requirements and do not create nuisances for the surrounding neighborhood.

A short term rental is a rental for fewer than 30 days of an entire dwelling or of individual rooms in an owner-occupied dwelling, such as those through Airbnb, VRBO, etc.

All short term rentals in Longmont require a short term rental permit and a sales and use tax license. Existing short term rentals are not exempt, and unlicensed short term rentals are subject to code enforcement.  

You can apply for a short term rental permit online or in person at the Development Services Center (385 Kimbark Street).

Your next steps:

To check the status of your application(s), visit ACA (ACA Searching Records Guide).

*Accela Citizen Access (ACA) - The City of Longmont uses Accela Citizens Access (ACA) for online licensing, permitting, and inspections. The Accela system is created and produced by Accela. The City of Longmont maintains and customizes the program for public use.

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