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2019 Public Improvements Design Standards and Construction Specifications Update

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The City has started working on the 2019 Revision to the Standards in order to bring the specifications in line with current industry standard as well as federal and state regulations. The new version is intended to comply with the recommendations from Envision Longmont Multimodal and Comprehensive Plan, the 2018 Land Development Code (Chapter 15 of the Longmont Municipal Code) update and the 2018 Sustainability Plan.


The Design Standards were first published in 1993 to provide consistent guidance for the minimum design and technical criteria for the construction of public infrastructure. The last revision was adopted by City Council in July of 2007. The current standards include criteria for public streets, storm drainage systems, water systems, sanitary sewer systems, arterial and greenway landscaping and bikeways, and electric infrastructure. These standards are technical in nature and apply to the way in which the improvements are to be constructed and are complimentary to the Land Development Code which includes zoning regulations and guides the overall use and layout design for development.

Project Goals

This update to the Design Standards encompasses all seven chapters due to the time that has transpired from the previous revision. In addition to addressing sustainability, Envision Longmont and Development Code revisions, the major goals for each chapter include:

  • Section 100 General Requirements: The changes to this section revolve around clarification of the plan submittal and review process as well as the construction inspection and approval process. This includes clarifications to the exception process. Clarification of utility spacing in public right-of-way and excavation and trenching requirements.

Click here to view a draft copy of Section 100 General Requirements.

  • Section 200 Transportation: This section has changed from Street Construction to Transportation to better represent how this section has encompassed multi-model transportation design standards including bike lanes, sidewalks and trails. The update of accessible ramp configurations as well as updates to conform with recent changes to the CDOT standards is a priority. The alignment and geometry of streets has been updated to reflect the most recent AASHTO recommendations as well as the latest MUTCD standards.

Click here to view a draft copy of Section 200 Transportation.

  • Section 300 Storm Drainage: The main goal of the revisions of this chapter are to replace the 1984 Storm Drainage Criteria Manual with references to the current methodologies of the Urban Drainage Flood Control District. The approach to calculating rainfall intensities, hydrology, conveyance design and storm water storage have changed significantly. The section will also provide minimum standards for ground water underdrain systems in accordance with the Municipal Code.

Click here to view a draft copy of Section 300 Storm Drainage.

  • Section 400 Wastewater Collection: The overall capacity calculation methodology will be changed to reflect the master planning completed over the last few years. Actual meter data will be used to determine average daily flow for designing new systems and evaluating existing capacity.

Click here to view a draft copy of Section 400 Wastewater Collection.

  • Section 500 Water Distribution: The material and construction requirements shall be modified to reflect changes in the American Water Works Association (AWWA) standards and general construction practices. Water meter sizing and backflow requirements will be included to reflect recent State regulations.

Click here to view a draft copy of Section 500 Water Distribution.

  • Section 600 Landscaping and Irrigation: The changes to this section are intended to reflect current best practices including water conservation efforts as well as bringing uniformity to systems operated and maintained by the Operations Group within Natural Resources. There have been modifications to clarify use of raw water irrigation and general construction practices. Large structures that were covered in the previous standards have been relocated to Section 200 Transportation to aid in readability and compatibility through the standards. Extensive work has been done to update the approved materials list to allow greater number of native species and address operational needs.

Click here to view a draft copy of Section 600 Landscaping and Irrigation.

  • Section 700 Longmont Power and Communications: Modifications will address current design and construction standards as well as provide guidance for small cell facilities. The language also includes new standards for metering.

Click here to view a draft copy of Section 700 Longmont Power and Communications.

  • Section 100-700 Details: Modification have been made to reflect the changes in the text of the City Standards.

Click here to view a draft copy of the Standards Details.

Review Process

The draft Standards provided here have been compiled by review committees made up of staff from across Public Works and Natural Resources. A committee for each section was comprised of a coordinating engineer, a senior engineer in the discipline, a construction inspector and an operations supervisor.

The City has contracted with third party consultants for review to confirm conformance with best practices and uniformity. In addition, the draft has been presented to the Transportation Advisory Board, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and the Sustainability Advisory Board and their comments have been incorporated into the current draft.
Public comments have been collected through two public meetings and this website which have been cataloged and incorporated where feasible.
Staff presented the draft to City Council October 15, 2019 and were directed to finalize the drafts and ordinances to be brought back for final adoption. Staff continues to work with legal counsel to work through the final items.

The drafts will continue to be updated periodically as they are revised. Check this website for updates.

Contact Us

Public comment is being sought through this website. We encourage the public to download the sections of interest and provide comments to us through August 9, 2019. At the close of the comment period, staff will evaluate comments and present the final document to City Council for approval and adoption through an ordinance.

Click here to provide comments about the 2019 Design Standards Update

For questions about this project, contact Public Works at 303-651-8330 or by email at

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