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Growth Framework

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Longmont is expected to add approximately 24,000 new residents by 2035. There were several objectives that were identified throughout the planning process related to growth. The Growth Framework attempts to balance the need to accommodate future growth with the need to protect the distinct character and quality of life of the community by:

  • Promoting infill and redevelopment
  • Creating places for people
  • Expanding housing and employment options
  • Promoting healthy, active, lifestyles and a healthy environment
  • Expanding multimodal transportation options

The Growth Framework is a tool for City staff, elected and appointed, officials, and the community-at-large to use in anticipating, evaluating and making decisions regarding the location, intensity, and design of future development and the timing of infrastructure improvements in the future. The key elements of Longmont's growth framework include:

Future Land Use Plan

Multimodal Transportation Plan

Focus Areas

Download the Growth Framework (PDF).



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