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Implementation is key for moving Envision Longmont forward. The Action Plan provides a comprehensive list of strategies and recommended actions to support the implementation of Envision Longmont. A number of strategies are “cross-cutting” in nature—meaning that they help implement—either directly or indirectly—goals and policies related to more than one of the Plan’s six guiding principles.

Download the full Action Plan (PDF).

The Action Plan contains information on timing, who's responsible for taking the lead on implementation and what goals the strategies support. A brief description of the strategies supporting each guiding principle is described below.

Strategies to support Livable Centers, Corridors and Neighborhoods promote a sustainable and resilient pattern of growth by emphasizing infill and redevelopment, expanding opportunities for mixed-use development, and encouraging higher  density development in targeted locations. These actions will also help increase housing and transportation options and reinforce the character of the City’s residential neighborhoods, gateways, and historic resources.

A Complete and Balanced Transportation System is supported by strategies that will help remove barriers and address gaps in the transportation system, enhance the functionality of the citywide bicycle and pedestrian network, enhance transit service within Longmont and to other parts of the region, improve safety for all modes of travel, and mitigate the impacts of traffic and congestion as the City continues to grow.

Strategies to Support Housing, Services, Amenities, and Opportunities for All address affordable housing by diversifying the City’s housing stock, expanding incentives and partnerships, and setting specific targets. In addition, strategies address the need to provide housing, services, and amenities that are available and accessible to all ages, income levels, and abilities. These efforts are intended to support both older and younger residents, those with special needs, promote equality and diversity, and ensure the City’s existing facilities adapt and change as needed to meet the needs of Longmont’s growing and changing population.

There are several strategies that Support a Safe, Healthy, and Adaptable Community by supporting a healthy and active community through improvements to the City’s built environment, educational eff orts, improved access to recreation opportunities and health and human service providers, and by supporting local agriculture and expanding local food access. In addition, strategies will enhance public safety and help the community reduce its exposure to risks and hazards and its ability to bounce back in the event of major disasters like the 2013 floods or other shocks.

Strategies to Support Responsible Stewardship of our Resources aim to protect and conserve our natural and developed, agricultural, and historic resources. In addition, strategies seek to reinforce the role of citywide sustainability initiatives and resilient design in the implementation of Envision Longmont. Strategies in this section also seek to improve the efficiency and responsiveness of the City organization through improved service delivery, a focus on customer service, and increased transparency and public input.

Specific strategies to Support Job Growth and Economic Vitality Through Innovation and Collaboration support the work of economic development entities at work in Longmont, such as the Longmont Economic Development Partnership. In addition, these strategies address the needs of existing businesses and start-ups and new businesses through updates and improvements to employment areas and expanded mixed-use development opportunities. Strategies also address the needs of workers by encouraging opportunities for live/work housing, supporting workforce development, and facilitating community.

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