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Gothic Revival Style

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main0470The Gothic Revival style is best characterized by the pointed-arched window, steeply pitched roof, and picturesque composition.

The English/French examples are predominately ecclesiastical and are vernacular versions of late Medieval churches. Characteristic elements include massive towers, either flat or topped by a spire, stepped and flying buttresses, deeply recessed openings, steeply pitched roofs, pointed arches, and masonry construction.

The Carpenter Gothic style is more picturesque and decorative, and is evident on both churches and houses. These structures are generally wood-frame and feature board and batten siding, decorative bargeboards, pointed-arched windows, and a steeply pitched roof.

Following the tradition of A.J. Downing, the Gothic Cottage style is also picturesque, and features board and batten siding, on occasion, pointed-arched windows, a steeply pitched roof, and some "gingerbread" decoration. Its chief characteristics are a steep central gable and a one-story veranda.

This photo depicts a designated landmark in Longmont that is representative of the Gothic Revival style.

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