Marijuana Regulations

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The City of Longmont regulates three distinct categories of marijuana. Click on any category below to be taken to regulations regarding the category listed.

Retail Sales of Marijuana

On October 10, 2017, Longmont City Council approved an ordinance allowing retail sales of marijuana. The four stores will be selected by the Marijuana Selection Division and governed by the Marijuana Licensing Authority.  The Authority will ultimately grant two types of licenses: recreational marijuana licenses and dual recreational/medical licenses. Stores that sell only medical marijuana will not be allowed.

Longmont Marijuana Authority Issues Order Naming Longmont Marijuana Establishments

On July 2, 2018, the Longmont Marijuana Authority issued the notice below which names the four businesses that have been granted licenses to open marijuana establishments in Longmont. To view the order click the link below.

An Order of the Longmont Marijuana Licensing Authority

To view the Technical Advisory Committee report for these applications, click the link below.

Technical Advisory Committee Reports

To see the news release announcing the four businesses that have been granted licenses, click the link below.

Longmont Grants Four Licenses to Operate Marijuana Establishments

Application Review and Announcement Timeline

The following timeline represents an estimated time frame for the City of Longmont’s application process:


November 29:

  • Deadline for submitting applications for marijuana licenses to City of Longmont
  • Deadline to confirm appointments with Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division to submit an application to the State for a Longmont marijuana license

December 29:

  • Deadline to submit State application to State of Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division


January 26 - February 16:

  • Public comment period for citizens to comment on individual applications or the process in general 

March 29:

  • Deadline for Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division to notify the City of Longmont that the 13 Longmont marijuana applications have been either conditionally approved or rejected


  • City of Longmont reviews applications


  • City of Longmont announces four businesses selected for licensure

Public Comments Regarding Applications

The Longmont City Council established a 21-day public comment period for marijuana applications That comment period took place January 26 through February 16. During this period, the public was invited to provide comment on individual applications or on the application review and selection process in general. The City is no longer accepting comments on Longmont Marijuana applications.


Marijuana Stakeholder E-mail Notification List

If you would like to be kept up-to-date on the latest news and information about Longmont’s marijuana licensing and application process, please fill out the form below. You will not automatically be contacted after placing your name on this list, but you will receive e-mails from the City regarding marijuana licensing schedules, policies, procedures and announcements as soon as they are available.

To be added to the list, please fill out this email sign-up form and click “Submit”.

Ordinances Governing Marijuana Sales and Licensing

On October 10, 2017, the Longmont City Council approved amendments to the Longmont Code or Ordinances regulating marijuana sales. Click here to view the ordinance.

Click here for highlights of the approved marijuana ordinance. This document is not comprehensive and does not contain all regulations noted in the ordinance above.

Fees Regarding Marijuana Licensing

On October 10, 2017, the Longmont City Council approved a resolution establishing fees for marijuana licensing, operating fees, renewals and other related fees. Click here to view the resolution and fee schedule in Exhibit A.

Contacting the City of Longmont Regarding Marijuana

In order to ensure a fair and impartial selection process and avoid ex parte communication between potential applicants and Longmont City staff, all inquiries must be directed exclusively to Assistant City Manager Shawn Lewis. Mr. Lewis will have no role in the selection of the four Longmont marijuana licenses; rather, he will only respond to inquiries and provide applicants with current information and clarifications as needed.

Phone:  (303) 774-3763

Previous Communication with Marijuana Stakeholders

From the earliest discussions of lifting the ban on marijuana sales in Longmont, City staff have allowed interested individuals and businesses to add their names to a Marijuana Stakeholder database (see link above). The City of Longmont first began issuing updates to stakeholders in September 2017. Today, that list contains over a hundred interested individuals, real estate professionals and marijuana business owners.

Marijuana Dispensaries Outside Longmont City Limits

While dispensaries are not currently allowed in Longmont, there are two businesses that dispense marijuana that appear to be in Longmont city limits. These dispensaries are located in unincorporated Boulder County. See Boulder County's marijuana licensing web page



Marijuana Home Grow Regulations

The City of Longmont approved regulations for home growing of marijuana for personal use. The new policy provides for the following related to marijuana home growing:

  • Allowed in primary residence or accessory structure
  • Allowed in common areas of multifamily or attached residential structures with owner and resident permission
  • Requires growing outside if within an enclosed, locked space
  • Allows each person in a residence to grow six plants, up to 30 if five unrelated people live together
    • Provides for an exemption for patients with extended plant counts and upon request looking at registry card
    • Provides for an exemption for caregivers providing care for patients with extended plant counts with the requirement that they furnish a copy of their registry card. Law enforcement shall confirm with caregiver registry system as needed

See the ordinance amending the Longmont Municipal Code to allow home growing.

To view the full ordinance, please click here.

Marijuana Home Grow Public Forum

Click here for a summary of Longmont's home grow regulations. 

The City of Longmont hosted a public forum on October 22, 2016 to discuss marijuana home grow regulation options. 

Home Grow Survey

The City of Longmont conducted an anonymous online survey which concluded October 16, 2016 to gather feedback on whether people are currently growing in their homes and the needs of medical users as it relates to the number of plants they are growing to treat their medical condition(s). Read the complete survey results or see a quick summary of the results below.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3Image 4

Cultivation, Production and Testing of Marijuana

The City of Longmont has exercised its authority under the Colorado Constitution and has opted to prohibit the cultivation, production and testing of both medical and recreational marijuana. There are no current plans to lift the ban on the cultivation, production or testing of marijuana.

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