Main Street Corridor Plan

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The City has started working on the Main Street Corridor Plan to focus on the future of the Longmont Main Street corridor!


Opportunities for Input

Thanks to everyone who attended the public meeting on November 7th and to everyone who completed the initial survey! A summary of the initial survey results are available on-line. Stay tuned for additional meeting notices and future surveys. 

Project Overview

This corridor plan will assess land use, transportation, market needs, and opportunities for improvements to the Main St. Corridor. The corridor extends from State Highway 66 on the north to Plateau Road on the south and encompasses one to three blocks on each side of Main St. The 5-mile corridor is being divided up into four distinct character areas. This plan will address the need to carry multiple transportation modes safely and efficiently on Main Street, while revitalizing the area, and creating opportunities for mixed-land use projects over time.  Throughout this planning effort, the project team will work closely with the community to identify proposed land use changes and growth opportunities, while honoring the unique and historic characteristics of the corridor.

An overview of the project was presented at an initial community meeting held on November 7, 2018. The copy of presentation is available here. Thanks to the Longmont Observer for also recording the presentation portion of the meeting. A video recap can be viewed on the Observer's site

Project Goals

Fortifying Main Street as the City’s Cultural, Business, and Commercial Center 

Main Street today has a mix of commercial, instructional, retail, professional offices, medium to high density residential, and service-oriented uses. This corridor is supported on either side by strong and established residential neighborhoods. Several high level goals have been developed for the corridor. These include: 

  • Embrace Historic Significance: Recognize the corridor’s place in history, automobile culture, significance as a gathering place, and as Longmont’s “historic main street” 
  • Strategic Infill: Revitalize the corridor through infill development, new housing, community facilities/amenities and urban open space
  • Strengthen Economic Base: Promote economic growth by attracting and retaining a diverse range of businesses and housing to strengthen the corridor, while preventing displacement of existing businesses and homes
  • Integrate Main: Create connections between Main St. and surrounding neighborhoods; connect streets and transition building heights and massing
  • Improve Safety and Mobility: Improve safety for all modes; preserve corridor mobility while enhancing the multimodal network. Incorporate technology to support safety and mobility.
  • Transit as Catalyst: Leverage transit investments – orient stops around activity centers and form new mobility hubs
  • Create a Sense of Place: Create a cohesive identity and sense of place; improve livability for all residents; enhance aesthetics and incorporate green spaces


The Main Street Corridor Plan is a 12-month planning effort that began in late summer 2018. It is scheduled to conclude in late summer 2019.  The public will be invited to participate in community open houses throughout the process, and the project team will also attend a variety of community events to seek additional plan input.

See the detailed project schedule for more information. 

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