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The Planning and Development Services Department prepares and provides many different types of maps with various information that may be useful to residents, visitors, developers and business people. These maps can be found at the bottom of this page.

Other departments and agencies offer these maps:

City and GIS Maps
Staff across the City have created several maps of the city, including many interactive GIS maps.

Parks, Open Space, and Trails
The Parks, Open Space and Trails Division has many maps showing where the City's parks, trails, and open spaces are located.  It also has an interactive map showing which trails are currently open and which are undergoing repair or maintenance operations. Many trails were damaged during the 2013 Flood and are being reopened as they are repaired.

Trash and Recycling
The Trash and Recycling Division provides maps indicating which days and weeks residents' trash and recycling are collected curbside.

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) has many maps detailing the public transit routes and options around the City and greater metro area, including trip planners tailored to your destination.

The following maps are offered by the planning department:

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