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Enhanced Multi-use Corridor Plan

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Enhanced Multi-Use Corridors are street corridors that provide a safe, comfortable, low-stress bicycle and pedestrian facilities, much like a multi-use trails, to provide connectivity within the City’s trail system and multi-modal transportation network.

These facilities can look different depending on the characteristics of the street and the right-of way available. An initial map of the proposed corridor network will be available for review.

The City is looking at ways to further develop concepts for enhanced corridors that were included in the Parks, Recreation, & Trails Master Plan and the Envision Longmont Multimodal & Comprehensive Plan. This will be done through the creation of and Enhanced Multi-use Corridor Plan, which will be drafted in 2017.

Thank you to everyone that provided input on the survey and at our November public meeting! The project team is using this feedback to develop and refine options for the final plan. The final plan will be presented to City Council for approval in early 2018. 

For more information, email Phil Greenwald or contact him at 303-651-8330.

Enhanced Multi-Use Corridor Plan - Public Copy

Enhanced Multi Use Corridor Plan



The Enhanced Multi-use Corridor Plan is a planning-level document that proposes designs for each of the Enhanced Multi-use Corridors. For each corridor, a proposed design is identified along with cross-section and plan view diagrams and cost estimates. Rather than a comprehensive set of construction documents, this planning-level document articulates a refined vision for each Enhanced Multi-use Corridor so that City staff can work to implement each corridor over time by working with various City of Longmont departments and members of the development community. The Enhanced Multi-use Corridor Plan will guide future street construction or reconstruction and future development or redevelopment.




View the Longmont Enhanced Multi-use Corridor Plan 

If you would like to comment on the information contained in the report, the City will be reviewing the plan at the following meetings:

If you would like more information, please email Phil Greenwald or call 303-651-8330.

For the back ground on this document, please review the Enhanced Multi-Use Corridor Public Meeting Materials below.


Enhanced Multi-Use Corridor Public Meeting Materials

A public meeting was held to review draft concepts and gather input from the community. Thanks to all who attended!

The following information was shared at this meeting:

Introduction to Enhanced Multi-Use Corridors

Draft map of the overall network

Concepts for individual corridors

Concepts for Coffman Street 


If you have additional feedback on this information, please email Phil Greenwald or contact him at 303-651-8330.

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