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Longmont Roadway Plan

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Longmont Roadway Plan

The primary purpose of the Longmont Roadway Plan was to perform a technical analysis of the City’s street system and to identify future roadway needs and improvements. Additionally, the Roadway Plan provides data and information for future updates to Envision Longmont and the Multimodal Transportation Implementation Plan (MTIP), but it is not intended to provide formal updates to these plans. Envision Longmont is a balanced guide for development and growth and recognizes the MTIP as a support document with transportation related goals, policies and strategies. Longmont’s Envision Longmont and MTIP was adopted by City Council on June 28, 2016.

Results of the Roadway Plan will also be used to identify candidate projects and estimated costs to help secure funding from various sources including but not limited to:

  • Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
  • Federal and state funding opportunities
  • Street fund sales tax extension
  • Future financial evaluation of Transportation Community Investment Fee (TCIF)

Longmont Roadway Plan - Part 1 Introduction

Longmont Roadway Plan - Part 2 Travel Demand Modeling

Longmont Roadway Plan - Part 3 Evaluation of Projects

Longmont Roadway Plan - Part 4 Concept Designs and Cost Estimates

Longmont Roadway Plan - Part 5 Conclusions and Recommendations

Longmont Roadway Plan - Appendices

Longmont Roadway Plan - Concept Drawings Part 1

Longmont Roadway Plan - Concept Drawings Part 2

Longmont Roadway Plan - Concept Drawings Part 3

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