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What Do You Think of the Longmont Loop?

Intra-city bicycle facilities that form a loop are becoming common front-range features. Denver is working on the 5280 loop which is a 5.28 mile bicycle facility that provides connections to areas of a civic, cultural, and commercial nature. Boulder has the B360 which is a 22-mile facility, and Longmont has the Longmont Loop.

The Longmont Loop is a 16-mile bicycle facility that encircles the majority of Longmont and provides cross-town bicycle connections. It’s intended to fill multiple needs that include recreational and transportation purposes.

If you’ve never ridden the Longmont Loop, give it a try. It’s still in development, so the city would like to get your feedback about missing links or certain segments of the loop that may be too challenging for less experienced riders. Your thoughts on how to improve the facility would be welcome.

The map below shows the Longmont Loop as it exists today. It should be ridden in a clockwise direction to reduce the number of street crossings that a person riding a bicycle might otherwise encounter.

If you would like to see a more detailed depiction of the Longmont Loop and how it interfaces with the larger bicycle system, acquire a City of Longmont Bicycle Map. They’re free and are available at most city facilities including the Longmont Library, Civic Center, Development Services Center, Museum, and the Quail Road Recreation Center, among other city facilities.

Longmont Loop  map View the Longmont Loop map

If you would like a bicycle map mailed to you, or if you have comments about the Longmont Loop, please contact Ben Ortiz at or by phone at (303) 774-4725.

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