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Probation Office - Community Service Nonprofit Agencies

In 2011, local nonprofit organizations realized a cost savings of $10,100 by utilizing the Longmont Municipal Probation supervised juvenile community service work program. This program provides an adult supervisor who supervises a crew of juveniles while performing community service projects for your nonprofit agency. If you would like to learn more about this program opportunity for your nonprofit agency, please contact Erika Ibarra Morales, community service coordinator at (303) 774-4496, or Tara Johnson, Chief Probation Officer, (303) 651-8549.

The following table lists some of the local non-profit agencies that currently partner with the Longmont Municipal Probation Department in utilizing our community service work programs for adult and juvenile offenders. In addition to this list, Churches and Schools are authorized as nonprofit agencies.

If you are a Municipal Probationer 18 years of age and older, and you have been sentenced by the Longmont Municipal Court to perform community service hours, you may contact any of the nonprofit agencies listed below to schedule a work schedule. If a nonprofit agency is not listed below, you must receive prior approval from your Probation Officer prior to scheduling a work schedule with that agency

 Agency  Location Phone  Hours  Job Description
Saint Vrain State Park
3525 State HWY 119
(303) 485-0186

8 am to 4:30 pm


 general grounds
Park and Forestry
7 South Sunset St.
(303) 651-8416

7 am to 3:30 pm


 general labor
Public Library Third Avenue and Kimbark Street
(303) 651-8474

8 am to 9 pm

Mon -Fri

 shelving and cleaning
Habitat for Humanity Restore
Longmont (303) 776-3334

10 am to 6 pm


 general labor
Union Reservoir
0461 WCT 26
(303) 772-1265

7 am to 7 pm

Mon-Sun (seasonal)

 clean up, empty trash, rake grounds
City Warehouse
1100 S. Sherman St.
(303) 651-8347

7 am to 3:30 pm


 general labor, clean up, maintenance
Good News Center
120 Ninth Ave., #E-5
(303) 678-9550

7 am to 7 pm

Tues and Wed

Boulder County Fairgrounds
9595 Nelson Road

(303) 678-6524

(303) 678-6235

8 am to 8 pm


 cleaning, maintenance, genera labor
Shining Stars
851 Meeker St.
(303) 772-4747

6 am to 6 pm


 general cleanup, yard work
Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center
11968 Mineral Road
(303) 652-9131
 varies variety of jobs
Community Food Share
6315 Monarch Park Place, Niwot
(303) 652-3663
ext. 202

8:30 am to 4 pm


Tues evening until 6:30 pm

warehouse, clerical
City Recycling Center
140 Martin St.
(303) 651-8596

8 am to 4 pm


closed on major holidays

general yard work and trash control
 El Comité
455 Kimbark St.
(303) 651-6125

9 am to 5 pm,


clerical, cleaning, translations. Can accommodate Spanish speaking
 YMCA 950 Lashley St.
(720) 652-4730

9 am to 5 pm


 Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Sanctuary
5761 HWY 66
(303) 545-5849
 varies miscellaneous cleaning, yard work, construction skills
 Habitat for Humanity St. Vrain Valley
242 Pratt St.
(303) 682-2485

8 am to 4 pm


construction labor. Must be 16 years and older
 Inn Between
250 Kimbark St.
(303) 684-0810

8 am to 5 pm


painting, clerical, outside landscape
 Longmont Humane Society
9595 Nelson Road

(303) 772-1232

ext. 221

7:30 to 5:30 pm


dishes, cleaning, maintenance, yardwork, painting
 Longmont Humane Society Thrift Store
1265 Bramwood Place
(720) 494-8348

10 am to 4 pm


clean up, moving, sorting
 Longmont Meals on Wheels
910 Longs Peak Ave.
(303) 772-0540

8 am to 1 pm


general kitchen work, light food prep
 OUR Center
303 Atwood St.

(303) 772-5529

ext. 235

8 am to 3:30 pm


kitchen, food pantry, cleaning

no walk ins accepted

 VFW 206 S. Main St.
(303) 776-8590

10 am to 8 pm


cleaning, maintenance, general kitchen work
 American legion Post #1985

870 First St.,


(303) 833-3878

2 pm to 8 pm

Tue, Wed, Thurs, Sun

variety of jobs


2665 63rd St.,


(303) 419-5418
 call to schedule
moving lumber, pulling nails





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