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Frequently Asked Questions - Flood

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  • Flood Information

    • Do I need a permit to build in a floodplain area?

    • Do I need to purchase flood insurance?

    • How can I determine if my property is in a regulatory floodplain?

    • Is the City or County doing anything to fix the St. Vrain Creek channel?

    • What can I do to be prepared for future flooding?

    • Where can I find real-time info about creek flows and view creek cameras?

    • Where can I sign up to be notified if there is a flood or emergency event?

  • Resilient St. Vrain Project

    • How can I stay up to date on progress on the Resilient St. Vrain project?

    • How long will Resilient St. Vrain construction take?

    • How much will Resilient St. Vrain cost? Who is paying for the project?

    • How will work progress along the St. Vrain Creek?

    • St. Vrain Creek or St. Vrain River: Which is correct?

    • What are some of the ways Resilient St. Vrain considers the environment and wildlife?

    • What is Resilient St. Vrain?

    • What is the status of construction on Resilient St. Vrain?

    • What species are being planted as part of the Resilient St. Vrain Project?

    • Why is Resilient St. Vrain being designed to meet 100-year flood flows?

    • Why is the City working on the St. Vrain Creek?

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