2013 Flood

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Longmont Works Flood RecoveryFrom September 11-15, 2013, Longmont experienced the most devastating flash flood event in its history. Catastrophic flooding, especially along the St. Vrain Creek, displaced hundreds of residents, and destroyed personal property, businesses and public spaces. The flooding caused extensive damage to much of our city's infrastructure and along the St. Vrain Greenway trail system.

The sign shown on this page was posted throughout Longmont to keep our community informed about recovery projects and progress on them. (Click on the sign image to open a PDF file for viewing or download.) Repairs to most areas damaged by the flooding were completed by the third anniversary of the flooding, in 2016. This included repair and rebuilding of damaged streets, parks, water resources, irrigation ditches, drainage systems, power lines and public buildings.

Since 2016, these additional projects have been completed or are underway:

  • Main Street Bridge was replaced in 2017 with a longer, wider bridge that will safely convey up to 100-year flood levels.
  • The damaged spillway and bridge at Golden Ponds Nature Area has been repaired and is expected to reopen to users in late August 2018.
  • South Pratt Parkway Bridge replacement is underway and scheduled for a late 2018 completion. As with Main Street Bridge, this new bridge will also be longer and wider to safely convey up to 100-year flood levels.
  • The St. Vrain Greenway is being restored through work on Resilient St. Vrain, Longmont's extensive, multi-year project to fully restore the flood-damaged trails and improve the area surrounding the creek to protect people and property from future flooding. View a map of trails at
  • Dickens Farm Nature Area is expected to begin construction in 2018, with completion estimated for 2019.

2013 Flood Recovery Overview sign

  • For information about boundaries of the 2013 flood (or other flood events), contact Longmont's Floodplain Administrator

Memories of the Flood: 5 Years Later

As the fifth anniversary of the 2013 flood approached, we gave a great deal of thought to how to observe the anniversary in a way that respects the events that occurred, connects with a large part of our community, and adds to the historical record of that fateful time.

The result is this fifth anniversary video series called “Memories of the Flood: 5 Years Later.”
These 14 video clips highlight what happened, the journey of recovery and our growth as a more resilient community.

Click on the image below to start the playlist, which is slightly over 17 minutes long. The videos will play one after the other until reaching the end. Or, you can select individual videos by clicking the icon in the top left corner of the video screen.


Story Map of the 2013 Flood

Looking for Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) or floodplain maps? Visit the St. Vrain Floodplain Updates webpage >

Is your property located within a floodplain? Find out with Longmont's Floodplain Inquiry Map >

Take a geo-coded, photographic tour of the 2013 flood area with this story map (or click the larger photo, below).


Videos and Photos of the 2013 Flood Longmont Strong button

Revisit the 2013 flood through photos and videos >

The Colorado Resiliency & Recovery Office produced an online map book, 2013 Colorado Flood Recovery: Three Years of Progress, that provides a statewide look at damage and recovery from the flood.


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