Practice the 4 D's of Prevention!

• Use Deet or an alternative;

• Dress in long sleeves and pants;

• Avoid Dusk until Dawn; and

• Drain standing water.

Mosquito Control Strategy

Mosquito_low_smThe City of Longmont has contracted with Vector Disease Control International (Formerly Colorado Mosquito Control) to implement an "integrated pest management program" to combat mosquitoes that might carry the West Nile Virus. This program focuses on first attacking mosquitoes in their larval stage before they become airborne. This is the best method since it eliminates mosquitoes before they hatch. This method also minimizes fogging to kill the adult, airborne bugs.

  • Get a quick glimpse of the risk indicator updated throughout the mosquito season - low, moderate, or severe (as seen above). 
  • See weekly trap reports from Vector Disease Control International
  • Call Notification & Shutoff Request from Vector Disease Control International - VDCI maintains a database of community residents who wish to have their property excluded from ULV fogging operations. There are three options, 1. Property Shutoff, 2. Property Shutoff with Call Notification of Spraying, or 3. Call Notification of Spraying Only. Please call VDCI at 877-276-4306 to make this request. Or fill out an online request form at Or you can e-mail VDCI at
  • To report problem areas in your neighborhood or to be notified of the spraying schedule call VDCI at (970) 278-9977.
  • Read the 2018 City of Longmont Mosquito Control Program Annual Report

VIDEO - Mosquito Trap Areas in Longmont:
Every Sunday night during the summer, Longmont checks mosquito traps for West Nile Mosquitoes. If it becomes necessary to spray for mosquitoes, it will happen on Thursday nights, weather permitting.

VIDEO - Fight the Bite in Longmont
: The City of Longmont reminds residents to follow the 4Ds of prevention to protect against mosquitoes that might carry the West Nile virus.



Spray Area Maps

Below are maps of typical mosquito "hotspots" around Longmont. When local spraying is needed it will be concentrated to specific predetermined areas. Spraying typically occurs on Thursday nights (weather permitting). Click on the map links to see specific boundaries and streets. 

Citywide Map  Citywide 
Ute Creek Drive, County Line Road  LM-03
Venice Street, 15th Avenue, Coffman Street, 10th Avenue  LM-09
Spencer Street, 24th Avenue, Francis Street, 17th Avenue  LM-10
Airport Road, HWY 66, Lake Park Drive, McIntosh Lake  LM-17
Airport Road, Baylor Drive, Princeton Drive, Fordham Street, 9th Avenue  LM-18
Great Western Drive, HWY 119  LM-22
County Line Road, Union Reservoir  LM-23
County Line Road  LM-27
1st Avenue, 3rd Avenue, Nelson Road  LM-28
95th Street, Pike Road  LM-31
Grandview Meadows Drive, Nelson Road, Clover Basin Drive  LM-34
Collyer Street, 17th Avenue, Alpine Street, Mountain View Avenue  LM-40
Collyer Street, 21st Avenue, Alpine Street, 17th Avenue  LM-41
Hover Street, 1st Avenue, Boston Avenue  LM-42
Alpine Street, Mountain View Avenue, 9th Avenue  LM-43
Clover Basin Drive, Airport Road, Glenneyre Drive, Renaissance Drive, Pike Road  LM-44
Longmont Silver Creek - East of 75th Street  LM-47



Get eAlerts!

The City of Longmont offers an email alert system that provides customers with up-to-date information on a variety of topics including West Nile Virus. If you have an email account at home or work, you will be able to take advantage of notices sent directly to your e-mail address. Go to the eNotification subscription page now to sign-up and choose the type of news you would like to receive.

Practice the 4 D's of Prevention!

  • Use Deet or an alternative;
  • Dress in long sleeves and pants;
  • Avoid Dusk until Dawn; and
  • Drain standing water.

Hotline Numbers

  • State Department of Public Health and Environment's West Nile virus information hotline (303) 692-2799
  • For information in Boulder County, contact the Boulder County Health Department at 303-441-1564 or communicable diseases at (303) 413-7500
  • Vector Disease Control  International (970) 278-9977

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