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LEAD Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion / CO-RESPONDER

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Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD)

The goals of the LEAD program include decreasing criminal behavior and improving community safety by connecting low-level drug offenders to harm reduction based intervention and community-based supportive resources.  Law Enforcement Officers identify people with substance use or behavioral health motivated crimes and offer them, in lieu of arrest, an opportunity to participate in a harm reduction and case management program.  They also provide intensive ongoing engagement and follow up throughout the participant’s journey in order to support their progress and recovery.

For questions regarding LEAD, please email or contact the non-urgent LEAD information line at (303)774-4791. If you need assistance immediately in Longmont, please call (303)651-8501 or call 911.

Co-Responder / Crisis Outreach Response and Engagement (CORE)

Longmont Department of Public Safety’s Co-Responder program, called Crisis Outreach Response and Engagement (CORE), is a specialized unit which is comprised of a behavioral health clinician, a paramedic and a specially trained police officer, who respond to 911 calls for services that indicate a mental illness or substance use issue.  CORE provides triage and assessment, crisis de-escalation, field clearances and direct transport to an appropriate destination, which is often not jail or the emergency room.  Case management and resource navigation services are provided if needed.  The goal of the program is to provide a dynamic, flexible response model for behavioral health calls for service that brings the right resources earlier, identifies the dominant issue quickly, and takes the individual to the appropriate destination the first time while creating a robust case management and outreach system.

For questions regarding the Co-Responder (CORE) please email or call the non-urgent phone number for the CORE team at (303)774-4300 x2413. If you need assistance immediately in Longmont, please call (303)651-8501 or call 911.


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