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Fire Operations consists of 81 professional men and women you see, every day, staffing the fire stations 24/7, prepared and ready to respond to calls for service. Personnel are divided up between three shifts called Battalions. Each Battalion is supervised by an Assistant Chief who serves as the Incident Commander on multiple unit responses.

A Shift- Chief Dan Higgins,

B Shift- Chief John Weaver

C Shift- Chief Dan Ditirro

There are six strategically placed fire stations designed to provide resources ready to respond immediately, when you call 9-1-1. Each station houses an engine company with a Lieutenant (supervisor), an engineer (driver) and one or two firefighters. Each engine is equipped with an average of 500 gallons of water hidden inside as well as specialized equipment designed to assist with the rapid intervention of all types of hazardous situations. The operational resources are divide up and located throughout the city for efficient and effective service delivery:

Fire Station 1- Assistant Chief, Engine 1, Ladder Truck 1, Heavy Rescue 2151, Ambulance 2121, Omega 16, Reserve Ambulance 2122, Brush Truck 2133. Total Personnel 10-11

Fire Station 2- Engine 2, Brush 2, Reserve 8. Total Personnel 3-4

Fire Station 3- Engine 3, Brush 3, Reserve Engine 9, Reserve Truck 2117, Reserve Ambulance 2123. Total Personnel 3-4

Fire Station 4- Engine 4, Ambulance 2124. Total Personnel 5-6

Fire Station 5- Engine 5, HazMat 2155, HazMat/Air/Light 2157. Total Personnel 3-4

Fire Station 6- Engine 6, Reserve Engine 2107, Ambulance 2126, Reserve Ambulance 2125. Total Personnel 5-6

Although our primary focus is serving our community by providing fire suppression and emergency medical services, we pride ourselves in the ability to confidently and competently respond to and mitigate all types of hazards including but not limited to: structure fires, wild-land fires, motor vehicle fires, gas leaks, odor investigations, smoke and fire alarm activation, emergency medical services, motor vehicle accidents, hazardous materials response and mitigation, confined space rescue, high and low angle rope rescue, ice and swift water rescue, structural collapse rescue, trench rescue and other non-emergency requests for service.  

For more information about the Longmont Fire Services Operations, please email or call (303) 651-8437.

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