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Hazardous Materials

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haz mat response chemicalsUnder the Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act (SARA Title III), the Designated Emergency Response Agency (DERA) must provide for training, response and mitigation for incidents involving hazardous materials. Specially trained firefighters, as a collateral assignment to their regular firefighting duties, make up the Longmont Hazardous Materials Response Team. In 2016 Longmont regionalized this team along with other local agencies to form the Boulder County Hazardous Materials Response Team (BCHMRT). These type of incidents take a significant amount of resources to handle properly. Each participating agency within the BCHMRT now has a large amount of resources to draw from when these incidents happen within their own jurisdictions.

Longmont Fire has dedicated Fire Station #5 as the HazMat station.  

A minimum of three technician level trained members are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This affords members of the team to respond quickly with all the necessary tools and equipment to handle an event.  Hazardous material incidents are classified as low frequency, high risk events. While local resources have a basic level of training in hazardous material response these incidents are resources intensive and require a much higher level of training and certification. The goal of the Hazardous Materials Response Team is to supplement local resources to help minimize the negative impact on quality of life and the environment through containment and mitigation.

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