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Public Safety Outreach

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The staff assigned to this unit spend most of their days working one-on-one with the public.

Community Safety Education
The primary focus of this program is to enable residents of all ages to become self-sufficient in regards to safety and injury prevention through a variety of safety and educational programs, presentations and media outreach.  

False Alarm Services
This program administers the city’s False Alarm Reduction Program through Enhanced Call Verification, notices and fines. This program strives to reduce the number of false alarms that police officers respond to thus freeing up more of their time.  

Citizen Academies
Police and Fire Citizen Academies provide members of the community with knowledge of police and fire history and organization, practices, services, equipment, special teams, emergency management, etc.  

Neighborhood Watch
This is a crime prevention program that teaches residents to help themselves by identifying and reporting suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.  It provides residents with the opportunity to help make their neighborhood safer and improve the quality of life in their community.  

Public Information Event Sponsorship and Support
This service includes the time spent supporting special projects, planning and hosting events (like Cinco de Mayo DPS booth, National Night Out community event, St. Vrain Latino Parent Night, Salud Clinic Children’s Day, etc.) and attending the events.

Volunteer Management
This service manages the recruitment, selection and placement of all Public Safety Volunteers who provide a wide variety of services to the Department.  Volunteers are placed as Police Student Intern Officers, Police Explorers, Front Range Chaplains, Citizen Volunteer Patrol (CVP), Fire Corps Business Self Inspection Volunteers, Range Safety Volunteers, DART (Disaster Assessment Response Volunteers), Safety and Justice Volunteers and Special Event Volunteers, and Victim Advocates. 

LEVI (Longmont Ending Violence Initiative). Kim Heard at (303) 774-4534.

Public Safety Volunteers . Kay Armstrong . (303) 774-4440

Victim Advocates . Alexis Gutierrez . (303) 651-8855

Public Safety Outreach Reports to Office of Emergency Management Manager Dan Eamon . Dan can be reached by email at or by phone at (303) 651-8433.

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