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The Patrol Operations Section is a service function of the Police Services Division. Patrol Operations, a 24 hour a day, seven day a week service, is responsible primarily for responding to emergency, immediate, and routine calls and crime-related incidents. The responsibilities of Patrol Operations are to ensure the safety and protection of persons and property through proactive and directed patrol and to provide the highest quality service through problem solving and community-oriented policing.

In conjunction with the Traffic Unit, Patrol Operations facilities the safe and expeditious movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Patrol Operations provides oversight for the Animal Control Unit and for the Police Report Takers.

 If you have further questions regarding patrol, please email or call (303) 651-8542.


Patrol Division . Commander David Moore (303) 774-4552
Patrol Division. Commander James Brown (303) 774-3699


Recognizing the benefits and special capabilities of a trained service dog, the division enlists the help of two K-9's.

  • Officer Macchione’s partner is Vetti.  She is a female Belgian Malinois.  Vetti is trained in narcotics detection, tracking, and patrol.
  • Officer Sawyer’s partner is Rudi.  He is a male Belgian Malinois.  Rudi is trained in narcotics detection, tracking, and patrol.

Generally, the K-9 officers have the same duties and responsibilities as any other officer; but, because of their K-9 partners, their capabilities are significantly enhanced. Additional duties include conducting building intrusion searches, searching for illegal narcotics and/or contraband, conducting suspect and/or evidence searches, conducting preventative burglary and robbery patrols. K-9 officers and their partners will also visit schools, clubs, businesses, etc. to provide information and demonstrations about the K-9 Unit. Video about K-9.
If interested in a K-9 demonstration, please contact Officer Sawyer or Officer Macchione.

K-9 . Sergeant
Tim Madigan . (303) 651-8869

 k9 police longmont  k9 police longmont
 Officer Sawyer and Rudi
 Officer Macchione and Vetti

Photo by Chris Rodgers Code 10 Photography


Utilizing bicycles to patrol communities is nothing new to policing. Police officers used this tool in the early 20th century. Ironically, the bicycles officers were utilizing then were their own personal property. Late in the century, bicycles were utilized increasingly in areas limited by traffic congestion and for large numbers of people in one area.  The bicycles police agencies use today are specifically made for the work they accomplish. Officers in Longmont utilize these bikes to save on fuel, enhance and personalize community policing efforts, and detect crime that officers can not from patrol cars.   These bikes are nearly silent in their operation, and make it easy for officers to catch fleeing suspects due to their speed advantage and the ability to quickly dismount. These bikes are equipped with front and rear emergency lighting systems, and rear rack and bags to hold equipment.   Due to the extreme weather Colorado can provide, these bikes are used on a limited basis in the Spring, but primarily in the Summer and Fall. They are utilized on city streets as well as at special events and in city parks. The department has ten bikes for officer use and currently has 20 commissioned patrol officers that are authorized to serve in this capacity. Bicycle officers answer calls for service and conduct proactive patrol just like any other patrol officer except they use a bicycle as their primary mode of transportation. The bicycle allows officers to get into areas not accessible to vehicles and allows for "stealth" patrolling. The bicycle also augments the officers' opportunities to make one on one contact with the community. In addition to patrol duties, the bicycle officers also conduct bicycle safety programs to both children and adults.


Bike Patrol . Officer Chris Borchowiec . (303) 774-4300 x3284


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