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Flood Preparedness and Safety

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Even with Longmont experiencing significant flooding as recently as September 2013, it doesn't mean that it won't happen again soon. The odds of a major flood occurring are the same regardless of when the last flood occurred. Learn about the term "100-year flood" and what it means.

There is no way to predict how or when the next flood will occur, and it's unlikely that flooding will happen in the same way in the future. The magnitude, duration, scope and path of flooding will vary and cause different impacts. Floods can happen at any time, with little or no warning. The best course of action is to be alert and prepared.

Visit our Status and Monitoring webpage to:

  • view live creek cameras
  • find local weather information
  • know the variables involved in flooding
  • learn about (and help) our River Watchers

Know How to Stay Connected

  • Sign up for the City's reverse 9-1-1 emergency notification system for mobile devices, Everbridge mass notification system
  • View our latest News Releases
  • Do you use Facebook or Twitter? Like us or Follow us via our Longmont social media accounts
  • If you own a weather radio the settings are as follows:
    • "same code" is 008013
    • frequency for the weather radio would be 162.475

Activated as Needed

  • In the event of a declared emergency, will be launched as the one-stop source for all updates and news.
  • Tune into the City of Longmont’s radio channel, 1670 AM low frequency on your car radio,  for emergency news and updates. Note: This station broadcasts tourism information when there is no emergency.

FEMA and the National Weather Service use the following terms to announce flood information:

Flood Watch: Flooding is possible. Tune in to NOAA Weather Radio, commercial radio, or television for information.

Flash Flood Watch: Flash flooding is possible. Be prepared to move to higher ground. Listen to NOAA Weather Radio, commercial radio, or television for information.

Flood Warning:
Flooding is occurring or will occur soon; if advised to evacuate, do so immediately.

Flash Flood Warning: A flash flood is occurring; seek higher ground on foot immediately.

Learn about flood insurance for your property.

For more information about emergency preparedness in Longmont, please call the City of Longmont, Office of Emergency Management at (303) 774-3793 or contact us by email







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