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Abandoned Vehicles

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Abandoned and Junked Vehicles

The Longmont Police department enforces the abandoned/junked vehicle ordinance as it appears in the Longmont City Charter.  Longmont Police Community Service Officers (CSO) respond to reported abandoned/junked vehicle calls. They also proactively search for abandoned/junked vehicles throughout the City. They do this on an as available basis.  This means that abandoned vehicles are a lower priority than some other types of calls for service, such as traffic crashes.


Abandoned or Publicly Kept Vehicle – Public Property, 11.12.030(3) –  Any vehicle, other than a sleeper vehicle or trailer left on public property including any portion of a street, alley, or other right-of-way for a period of 48 hours or longer.

Abandoned or Publicly Kept Vehicle – Public Property, 11.12.030(4) – Any sleeper vehicle or trailer parked on public property, including any portion of a highway, street, alley or other right-of-way, unless the vehicle is relocated within 48 hours away from a proximate frontage and then not parked within that proximate frontage for at least seven days, except as follows:

a. Vehicles validly permitted under section 11.12.045 may remain on a public way under the terms of that section and the permit.

b. Trailers owned by bona fide contractors for the purpose of storing or moving materials, tools, or equipment necessary to make repairs or alterations on private property may be left for a limited time, not to exceed 180 days, on the block face and the block face on the opposite side of the street of a particular parcel of private property where such repairs or alterations are actively occurring, if the owner of such trailer or trailers posts a conspicuous dated notice, including the address of the job site and contact information, on the street side of each such trailer.

Abandoned or Publicly Kept Vehicle – Private Property, 11.12.030(1) – Any vehicle left on private property for a period of 48 hours without the consent of the owner or lessee of such property or his/her legally authorized agent.

Junked Vehicle – 
Junked vehicle shall mean any vehicle which: (1) Does not bear valid, unexpired license plates, unless of a type specifically exempted from motor vehicle licensing by the laws of the State of Colorado: or (2) is wrecked, damaged or substantially dismantled to the extent that such vehicle is inoperable: or (3) if designed to be capable of moving itself when in proper repair, is incapable of being moved under its own power in its existing condition, or does not have all tires inflated.

  • Once notified of an on street abandoned/junked vehicle a CSO will respond to the location and confirm that the vehicle is not reported stolen. If not stolen, the CSO will determine if the vehicle is abandoned or junked.
  • If determined to be junked, the CSO will issue a parking ticket for junked vehicle and tag the vehicle indicating that the vehicle will be towed ASAP.  In certain situations the vehicle can be towed at this time.
  • If determined to be abandoned, the CSO will mark the tires, tag the vehicle, and return at a later time to tow the vehicle if it has been in fact, abandoned.
  • An abandoned/ junked vehicle left on private property can be removed at the property owner’s discretion without any police action. It is suggested to contact the Police Department so it can be determined if the vehicle was stolen and abandoned on the private property.
  • Residential private property abandoned/junked vehicles are handled by City of Longmont Code Enforcement at (303) 651-8695. 

The code violations are :  11.12.040 Abandoned Vehicle and 11.12.050 Junked vehicle. 

Abandoned vehicles may be reported on the police services on-line reporting system.

City of Longmont Municipal Code


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