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Deceased Animals

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Deceased animals are handled by two different city offices depending on the type of animal you have located.

1. WILD ANIMALS - If you encounter deceased wild animals in the public right-of-way, such as raccoons, squirrels or large animals like deer, please contact Public Works at (303) 651-8416, and they will send out someone to pick up the animal. Small wild animals that are deceased and on your property can be placed in a plastic bag and placed in your trash receptacle.

2. DOMESTIC DOGS OR CATS -  Longmont Police Services Animal Control Unit is able to assist with a deceased domestic dog or cat in which you are not the owner. If you are in the unfortunate situation of having a family cat or dog that has died, you may take your pet to the Longmont Humane Society and arrange for cremation services. While some pet owners may wish to bury a deceased pet in their backyard, this practice is against municipal ordinance within the city limits. This practice is prohibited due to issues of health and safety, and the possibility of other animals getting into the burial site. Animal Control can be reached by email or by phone at (303) 651-8500.

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