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Missing Pet

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Suggestions for looking for a lost dog

Call the Longmont Humane Society at (303) 772-1232 as well as the Longmont Police Department Dispatch at (303) 651-8500. Please provide a description of the pet along with the number that you can be reached while you are out searching.

Don’t waste time!  Get a couple of people to help search in an organized way. Take a cell phone so that you can communicate in the event the pet is located.

Search the neighborhood by foot. If your pet has been missing for some time leave behind a phone number with people you make contact with in the event they find your missing pet.

Bring along your dog’s favorite toy, or another noise that makes them comes running. Bringing treats can also be beneficial.

If possible, bring along another dog on your search. Dogs are attracted to other friendly companions.

  1. Check social media for lost and found pet sites
    1. Facebook - Longmont Lost and Found Pets
  2. Make flyers. Be specific. Lost (dog’s name) a brown dog with white face and paws. Photos are very helpful in the flyer. Provide the location where the dog was lost from.  Include identifying information including collar, tags, or any other unusual information about your pet. Indicate that it is a family pet. Residents are more likely to help if they can relate to the anguish over a missing pet. Place flyers around the neighborhood.
  3. Extend your search after 24 hours to include contacting other shelters: i.e. Humane Society of Boulder Valley, Larimer Humane; Weld County, do lost reports with photos at these shelters in case your pet shows up. Search a larger area.

  4. Place flyers in businesses and other locations.

  5. Stay positive. Dogs have been reunited with their owners even after a year or more. Keep going back to the shelter with the photo of your dog.

    For additional assistance, please call (303) 651-8500 or email Animal Control.
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