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Fireworks in Longmont

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Fireworks, your family, and the 4th of July


Please do the right thing this July 4th holiday. If your fireworks leave the ground they are illegal. 

  • Please allow police and fire to focus on priority calls for service and be considerate of the community, neighbors, pets and veterans.
  • All fireworks that leave the ground and explode are illegal in Longmont.
  • Fines for use of illegal fireworks are up to $500 and 90 days in jail and/or both.


Firework stands and stores in Longmont sell only legal fireworks.

Legal fireworks may be used with caution on private property, not on public property. ALL FIREWORKS, INCLUDING SPARKLERS ARE ILLEGAL ON CITY STREETS, PARKS, GOLF COURSES AND OTHER PUBLIC AREAS,

May emit a "shower of sparks" maximum height of 14', but not allowed to shoot "balls of flame."

May emit smoke, crackle or whistle, but not sound a report (explosive noise)

Are labeled or packaged as 1.4G (formerly Class C), UN 0336 and/or "Safe and Sane".



Fireworks that explode or leave the ground ("shower of sparks" is not considered leaving the ground)

Are labeled or packaged as 1.3G (formerly Class B) and/or UN 0335

It is illegal to bring fireworks across the state line.



9-1-1 is for emergencies, non-emergency calls (303)651-8501. A fireworks complaint is not an emergency.

Longmont Police and Fire (as do all agencies) respond to "priority" calls first. These are 911 calls, calls which require immediate response and there is a reason to believe that an immediate threat to life exists and/or calls which require immediate response and there exists an immediate and substantial risk of major property loss or damage. Fireworks complaints do not come under the category of a "priority" call.

In order to cite a resident we either need a resident to sign off stating they witnessed the fireworks and know who set them off or the officer has to witness it. Due to anonymous complaints, no willing witness to testify, no exact locations, and time delays fireworks complaints are difficult to enforce.

The following is the call handling protocol that the police department uses for firework complaints:

Citizens may call the Longmont Emergency Communications Center at (303)651-8501 to report complaints about fireworks. The caller may choose to remain anonymous or be identified in the course of the complaint. Anonymous calls will be aired to police units in the field, and if a unit is available it will respond to the area of the complaint. If the caller can identify the responsible person(s) for illegal fireworks use and is willing to pursue enforcement action as a witness, then an officer will be assigned the call. When a police officer arrives on site and confirms the misuse of fireworks or use of illegal fireworks, the officer will take the appropriate enforcement action.

Penalties: Offenders can be fined up to $500 and/or punishment of up to 90 days in jail for illegal possession and use of fireworks.



While fireworks add to the Fourth of July festivities, they can be dangerous. A firecracker explosion lasts for a mere fraction of a second, but in that instant a person's whole life can change. The most common injuries are burns to the eyes, face and hands. One-half of the eye injuries result in permanent blindness.

If you have additional questions regarding the code for fireworks, please email or call (303)651-8833. Calls/emails will be returned Monday - Friday between 8am - 5pm.


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