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Marijuana Fire Inspection Checklist

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Retail Sales of Marijuana

On October 10, 2017, Longmont City Council approved an ordinance allowing retail sales of marijuana. The four stores will be selected by the Marijuana Selection Division and governed by the Marijuana Licensing Authority. The Authority will ultimately grant two types of licenses: recreational marijuana licenses and dual recreational/medical licenses. Stores that sell only medical marijuana will not be allowed.

Fire Services marijuana commercial inspection checklist for retail sales. [pdf]

Cultivation, Production and Testing of Marijuana

The City of Longmont has exercised its authority under the Colorado Constitution and has opted to prohibit the cultivation, production and testing of both medical and recreational marijuana. There are no current plans to lift the ban on the cultivation, production or testing of marijuana.

Marijuana Home Grow Regulations

The City of Longmont approved regulations for home growing of marijuana for personal use. The new policy provides for the following related to marijuana home growing:

  • Allowed in primary residence or accessory structure
  • Allowed in common areas of multifamily or attached residential structures with owner and resident permission
  • Requires growing outside if within an enclosed, locked space
  • Allows each person in a residence to grow six plants, up to 30 if five unrelated people live together
    • Provides for an exemption for patients with extended plant counts and upon request looking at registry card
    • Provides for an exemption for caregivers providing care for patients with extended plant counts with the requirement that they furnish a copy of their registry card. Law enforcement shall confirm with caregiver registry system as needed

More information can be found at Longmont Marijuana Regulations.

For additional information or questions please email or call (303) 651-8426.

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